Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Modern mix

There are probably those among you who are reading this that are too young to have experienced the true magic of putting together a compilation tape. The physicality never mind time spent choosing the perfect opening song. Should it be a quote from a film? Maybe something from a kids programme taped live from the TV. I remember a good compilation taking weeks of contemplation to find the 'perfect' next song to carry the mood of the tape, and that's with out mentioning making the cover!

I recently came across this video from IDEO who are playing about with a new way to inject a bit of the warmth and tactility of "Mix Tapes"back into digital music. I'm not sure it will ever go into production but I like the idea that we can take the convenience of digital music files and make them  more human and interactive.

c60 Redux from IDEO on Vimeo.

The nearest I have come to it so far is this USB cassette, which has all the fun of putting a playlist together and a bit of retro packaging that's customisable to boot.

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