Wednesday, 17 August 2011

50 shades of blue

Edwyn Collins is a walking marvel! Not only has he been busy recording a new album, producing a multitude of and putting on a growing number of exhibitions of his drawings. If that hasn't been enough he has been working with Liberty fabrics to create a range of printed fabrics featuring his beautiful bird illustrations, that are part of their Liberty Rocks range that also features Blur's Graham Coxon.
Edwyn has also been working with Elli Pop who has again taken his ornithological illustrations and applied them to a range of tableware. So what's next a Jaguar/ Collins car colaboration? I'm just hoping for a new album. As edwyn says 'Keep on chooglin'!!'


  1. beautiful birds, especially the forlorn owl.

  2. Hi Emily, I agree totally! He is such as good draughtsman and a gentleman as well! Good luck for Green Man at the weekend.