Thursday, 26 August 2010

Norn Iron…again but with penguins!

Since spending a month back home with my family I have noticed that this week there has been an undecidedly 'Norn Iron' feel to my posts, not surprising really when you think about it, I'm still working the fadge* out of my system! Anyway to keep the theme going I thought I would talk about another  of my favourite authors, like Seamus Heaney he is from 'the wee six' but his books are a little less daunting but are just as thoughtful.

He looks like this…

Self portrait by Mr. Jeffers

Makes things like this…

The song writing machine

and writes, illustrates and creates books like this…

Cover of Lost and Found

Like  a new volume of poetry by Mr. Heaney a new Oliver Jeffers book is an eagerly anticipated event too. Both my 5 year old son and I are big fans, him because he's 5 and me because one of my first 'jobs' was helping to feed the penguins in a local zoo at the age of 4, ah those were the days!! We both often just sit together on the sofa finding new things in his illustrations.

So if you think penguin stalkers, boys that eat books, bears that feel pressured to win paper plane competitions or small girls that keep their heart in a bottle are your kind of thing then you could do a lot worse than buying everything he has published, or if your curiosity has been piqued then go to his website to find out a little more about Oliver Jeffers.

Mr. Jeffers latest book

*fadge is a bread that is made from potatoes and is a must in an Ulster Fry (along with pancakes, soda bread, fried plain…I could go on)

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