Thursday, 6 October 2011

Poems to go!

Today is National Poetry Day, if your living in the UK, of course as well all know in France every day is National Poetry Day in fact this morning over breakfast I was helping my son memorise a poem about Autumn for his homework (he is 6!)

Coincidentally I came across the existence of Poetry Takeaway over the weekend and it seems apt to do a post on it today. The Poetry Takeaway is a mobile Poetry on demand service, that works much the some way as gourmet burger van; you roll up discuss with the chef what poetic delights your soul is hankering after and then, after a brief discussion about style, content and subject your poem is served to you 10 minuets later, handwritten in a little package made to order and all ready to consume or pass on as you may wish.

They are in London just outside the Southbank today so if your out and about and need a rhyming couplet to see you through the day then give them a go.

And as a nod to both National Poetry Day and the fact that yesterday was the birthday of one of Irelands best authors, Flann O'Brien, here is a short video of Eamon Morrissey reciting A Pint of Plain is Your Only Man 

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