Thursday, 9 September 2010

Vinyl is dead

Now how would you like to be remembered when you have shuffled off this mortal coil? A tree planted in the garden? Maybe a brass plaque on a park bench? How about a 12" record made from your cremated ashes? Well now it's possible, for the princely sum of £3,000 you can have 30 pieces of vinyl to give out to your nearest and dearest as a reminder of who you were. Each piece of vinyl can contain anything you want, your version of 'My Way', a speech about what life has taught you or even simple silence so that they can listen to the pop and crackle of your amplified ashes as the needle travels over your A side and B side as long as it is no longer than 12 minutes. As for cover art, you will have your name date of birth and date of death on the label and that is it, if you want to spend a little bit extra you can have your portrait painted by BP Portrait Prize regular James Hague and then made into the sleeve.

I love vinyl but I don't think see my self going for this, the thought of spinning for all eternity on the 'turn table of death' doesn't appeal. Personally I think that 30 years down the line I'd probably end up at a car boot sale stuffed in a wet cardboard box  between 'Showaddywaddy', Coldplay or The Black Eyed Peas then sold to someone for 50p! I could be tempted into collecting them though…

If you interested in finding out more you can click here

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