Monday, 10 January 2011

In the begining there was light…

The first AC postcard 17 March 2006, illustration Miho Aishima
It seems quite apt now that the first image created for Arctic Circle should feature light, it's almost biblical! This image was drawn by Miho Aishima for the inaugural night of the Arctic Circle at the Hayward Gallery on 17 March 2006. A Dan Flavin exhibition was running at the time and to tie things in a bit with that Miho went for a tongue and cheek "light theme" that played on the work on show at the Hayward. So the AC penguins carry all forms of light from a firefly to a lightsabre!

The artists for the first night were Minotaur Shock, the High Llamas, ISAN, Instrumental (featuring Andy Nice) and a DJ set from Mr. Eshmade.

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