Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fairytales and Monsters

 I have been working on an illustration for the next big Arctic Circle event which will be called Fairytales and Monsters. Like the last one it is a paper cut, this time cut from a single A3 sheet, it is nearing completion and is starting to come together.

As the event is called Fairy tales and Monsters, it gave me a great opportunity to go back through the classics to garner references to include in the illustration. As I mentioned in a previous post I loved the silhouette illustrations by Jan Pienkowski, the beautiful fluidity in paintings by Arthur Rackham and Edmund  Dulac (see the above illustration). I have managed to squeeze in 25 fairytales and monsters, most from classic sources such as storybooks but a few cinematic references have crept in to, see how well you do and how many you can find! I'll keep you posted on the illustrations development in the mean time here is my starting sketch and a few pictures of how it is looking at the moment.

I have even been playing around with projecting the design on the walls as well. Here is a snap I took of the projection on the walls of the meeting room in my office, I think a more romantic environment could be found but I don't work in an enchanted castle!

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