Thursday, 28 April 2011

Alejandro Chaskielberg

I was just reading through the results for this years Sony World Photographic Awards and was struck by the dream like images created by this years winner Alejandro Chaskielberg.

His folio of images, called The High Tide and were taken over a period of  two years, while living with the population of a small Argentinian island. The images are all staged and exquisitely lit calling to mind the Photos of Pierre et Gilles mixed with touches of Gregory Crewson, Hollywood Technicolor and an allegorical take; a kin to the PreRaphaelites, while still retaining a sense of narrative found in the work of Sebastian Salgado.

The images are other worldly and immediately make you ask as a viewer "How did he do this?", obviously there is a good bit of post production but also a lot of fore thought and pre production evident in the choice of colours, the framing and the cinematic staging of each frame.

Here are a few more shots and you can find more here

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