Monday, 3 October 2011

Culture Night catch up

The Bogside as seen from the city walls on Culture Night.
Culture Night has been and gone and I have been busy catching up  since getting back from Ireland. The night went in all too quickly, talking to people about the city, art and exploring the city after dark.

I spent most of my time at the Culture Offices meeting talking to people about what I do as a graphic designer  but I did manage to get out and about to see other events happening within the walls.
One of the highlights was Polly Morgan's exhibition Dead Time at the Void Gallery. It was the first time I have seen 'live' examples (please forgive the pun) of Polly's work and if you have the chance I highly recommend it.

I showed a few pieces of print work, the Pika Pika break up cards and a few paper cuts  including a new paper cut based on the story of Half Hung MacNaughton. All was really well received (especially as someone made off with a copy of a Sleeping Years EP and a couple of Arctic Circle pieces!)

It was a beautiful autumnal night, a little windy but not too much, all about the city were dotted pockets of light filled with people, laughter and the odd pint or two and it was so great just to pop in discover something new, have a chat and then go on to discover something else happening in a little cafe just down the street.

I wish I had been more active with my camera but in all honesty I was enjoying myself too much to worry about capturing the event. Any way here are a few photos of what I showed and of the city, if your around Derry and in 2012 I highly recommend it especially if you can finish off the night with a cold pint at Sandinos!

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