Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Samphire Band

I haven't posted much of my own work recently, as I am in the middle of a lot of projects that are not finished so I have had nothing much to show, one project that has just finished is the creation of a logo for Harry Escott's latest project The Samphire Band.

An early daft of the logo layout presented on a poster.
If you don't know Harry by name then you will have heard his music. He has composed numerous film scores, along with with Molly Nyman for films such as Michael Winterbottom's "A Mighty Heart" and "Road to Guantanmo", Nick Broomfield's "Ghosts" and David Slade's "Hard Candy" and if that wasn't enough the pair have recently been nominated for a British Independent Film Award for their score to "Shifty".

I really enjoyed working on this and must say that Harry was a great client and nice guy who was really open to new ideas, wanting to challenging how an orchestra should be perceived out side of the confines of the usual frame of the QEH or Radio 3.

During our conversations and emails he mentioned that the band should be seen as 'a place for like minded people to come together', I liked this idea of place and my mind jumped to musical venues and spaces, it eventually landed on bandstands. I know very few bandstands are used now as musical meeting place but I couldn't help shake the idea of updating the concept and applying it to symbolise a new space for music.  This then led my mind to the image of garlands of bunting and of 'the celebration of music', and it was this that provided the starting point for creating the typeface that I used for the logo. I wanted to reflect different shapes and parts coming together and creating something new, not dominating but collaborating much like how the various musicians involved in this project bring something unique to The Samphire Band.

Two tone colour

The new logo placed on a proposed poster

Web mock up and the logo used simply in black and white

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