Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Introducing English

When I was back home in Ireland at Halloween I happened across an old text book from my secondary school called "Introducing English". Until I was confronted with the cover it had been totally wiped from my memory but once I saw the bright colours and geometric illustration I was instantly transported back into Miss Murray's classroom, with the dust speck floating in the beams of sunlight that penetrated the heavy velvet curtains.

It made me hungry for some more information on the designer who I found out was Cor Klassen. He was born in Amsterdam in 1926 and studied under Mart Stam, who had studied at the legendary Bauhaus and is most remembered for his work with tubular as shown by the Stam chair. While searching for the designer I happened across a fascinating and informative site called Vintage Irish Book Covers, it is run by a designer called Niall McCormack. I highly recommend poping over there and having a look. 

To give you a taste of what you will find here are a few covers by Anne Yeats (yes part of the famously talented Yeats family which include W.B. the author and Jack the painter!), these are just a stunning set of illustrated covers, to discover more pop over to Vintage Irish Book Covers now!

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