Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Beautiful books

Books make great Christmas presents for kids! With that in mind we decided to take a trip to the bookshop to check what new books were on the shelves and I came across a couple of  beautifully illustrated books.

The first is called A Bit Lost and is by Irish illustrator and author Chris Haughton. It is a beautifully illustrated book about a baby owl that falls out of its nest and is helped by a squirrel to find its mum again, nothing new there I here you cry but the illustrations are breathtaking.  I have been reading it every night to my little girl and she lights up and says "Uh Ohh!" as soon as she sees the cover. I think Santa sack may be holding a lot of these this year!

Cover of A Bit Lost
What a beautifully drawn forest, look at those colours

Some spreads from the book, all images © Chris Haughton
The next one that caught my eye was a new illustrated version of Moby Dick. This isn't the full version that is part tale of man's vengeance and a history of whaling. This is an abbreviated version that has been illustrated by French illustrator Joelle Jolivet along with paper engineer GĂ©rad Lo Monaco. The book is only about 10 pages but boy are those 10 pages good. I let the images speak for themselves…

The cover belies the surprise of the inside spreads!

A few spreads, they don't do it justice, if you get a chance pick up a copy.
Finally I came across a stunning book where the illustrations were not printed but laser cut. I wasn't really a lover of the story more of the technical execution of the book. The book is called Plein Lune and is by Antoine Guillope, I don't think it would last long in the hands of a 5 year old but maybe one to look at together.

Again you need to get your hands on this book to see it's true beauty

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