Friday, 4 March 2011

World Book Day

What's your favourite book? Do you have a classic that you keep going back to? One of my first loves was Richard Scarry's What do People Do All Day?
At my Primary school Friday was Library Day and we were allowed to choose a book to take home and enjoy over the weekend. I remember one time getting told off by my Teacher at because for a certain period of time I kept choosing the a fore mentioned What do People Do All Day?  I would put it back on the book shelf return to my seat only to go straight back and choose it for another week. 
I loved the illustrations, I would get lost in them, looking at all the little details that were crammed onto the page by Mr. Scarry. It also gave me an informed idea of what people did for a living and why the Butcher didn't drive a car shaped like a chop or the Dentist one shaped like a Toothbrush.
It was also one of the first books I bought for my son and five years down the line he seems to love it as much as me. So if your looking for a good read for young and old to celebrate World Book Day then you won't go far wrong.
But if reading books isn't your thing then what about cutting them up? No I'm not advocating book mutilation but a friend sent me a link to the work of Brian Dettmer  earlier today. Brian makes fantastic paper sculptures using old books,  go to his site and check out his fantastic creations, in the meantime here is a clip of Brian talking about his work. Happy reading!

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