Friday, 25 March 2011

Praying Alive!

Forgive the terrible pun but the latest release from Front & Follow, Will Ever Pray is just hot of the press. One69A the talented printers have just sent me a link to their print blog showcasing the debut album from The Doomed Bird of Providence.

As a bit of background to the project, the idea behind The Doomed Bird of Providence according to the bands frontman Mark Kluzek stemmed from the desire to bring to life stories from colonial Australian history. Not the sort of stories that you might typically come across but those stories of a darker, less palatable nature. This was one of the key elements that I wanted to be reflected in the packaging. As the songs were based on true tales of Australia's colonial past it seemed like a good idea to make the lyric booklet look and feel like a news sheet, reporting the stories told in the songs. Paul Loudon supplied all the illustrations, going through the lyrics picking out macabre elements as well as doing a bit of botanical research to piece together the flora and fauna of Australia. I then brought these together and the end result was screen printed as a single colour on news print paper.

Here are a few more shots of the insert, if you would like to see more pop over to One69A's site. And if your really taken by it you can pre order the album at the F&F site.

Insert front, with all the lyrics and credits

Insert back, dedicated to creating a large image bringing
together elements used on the sleeve and to illustrate the stories
Insert folded to fit in the card sleeve

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