Thursday, 2 June 2011

Chris Haughton

A while back I came across A Bit Lost, the first illustrated book by Irish illustrator and author Chris Haughton. As well as being a talented illustrator, (A Bit Lost has been hoovering up awards all over the world since it's release!) but he also seems to be a designer with a big social consience.
He has just finished a series of short animations for The Law Centre in the UK. They relate peoples stories and how they benefited from The Law Centre. The films are charming and engaging while keeping you focused on the narrative, something which these kind of films sometimes forget to do. This isn't the first time that Chris has dabbled in animation he has already created similar shorts for Fair Trade just pop over to his vimeo page to see more and to hear him talk about his work.

The Law Centres: Maureen's Story from chris haughton on Vimeo.

And if your reading this Chris,  my daughter's automatic response to seeing a picture of an owl is to say "Uh ohh!". The power of words and pictures!

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