Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Descendants

Synopsis: A land baron tries to re-connect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident.

Design: The design for the one sheet was done by Mojo who were listed last year with their poster for  'The Kids are Alright.'
The poster shows George Clooney under the protection of  red parasol, staring thoughtfully over his shoulder at his two daughters who are playing on a beach with palm trees. On Georges finger we see a Photoshopped enhanced wedding ring, but no wife in shot,
so is this going to be a family based rom-com? No I don't think so, more like a weepie with a lesson at the end. The lay out places all the emphasis on dear old George, obviously he's the main draw here with everyone else in soft focus. In fact there are two versions of the poster; one which places even more focus on Mr Clooney!
"It's almost there I think we just need 30% more Clooney and a bluer sky!"
The layout avoid the usual Hollywood default setting of "Let's center everything!"  with the text set on the right hand side of the poster balancing out George, the typeface used for the films title is Caslon Antique and underlines the  historic nature in the title with a little touch of paradise added in the shape of a flower. The small text gets a bit lost over the image but I think this helps the poster making it feel less cluttered when viewed from a distance.

The film has a few variants with the focus again on George, this time looking a little shipwrecked and alone on the beach (don't overlook that wedding ring!). For the most part these follow the same general layout as the main poster, the use of Caslon Antique and the balancing out of the text and George, but thee is one cuckoo in the nest which uses a centered sans serif, and has a smirking George (with voluminous hair) looking out from an ominous grey sky!

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