Friday, 25 February 2011

The Social Network

The Social Network. Directed by David Fincher

A chronicle of the founding of Facebook, the social-networking Web site.

Design by: Kellerhouse 
Responsible for some beautiful work, like the "I'm Still Here" poster.

This just does not fit into the Hollywood poster mode, it has ignored the trends that usually popped up. Having said that it is eerily similar to the I'm Still Here Poster using a similar approach of bold type over an intense portrait seems to work better on "I'm still here" but that is another poster altogether!

The emphasis is firmly on the text here, with Futura used again to convey a bold modernism unlike it's use in The King's Speech to convey a 1920's sense of Englishness. The text is very well written and plays with the subject matter on so many levels that talk to it's audience. The layout also plays with a certain sense of the person behind the phenomenon, we have all heard of Facebook but less about it's founder. Another nice touch is the blue sidebar that holds all the info like the films' title etc, this works not only as subtle nod to the application but as a great containment device  that keeps the focus on the interplay between the words and image. Another plus about this campaign is the fact that there are very few variations. In my searches I could only come across one other.

This one uses elements from the Kellerhouse design but transplants them into a standard Hollywood format, it uses a serif font for the film title which for some reason appears in a box instead of sticking with the custom typeface created for Facebook by Joe Kral. Personally my eye is still on the previous one!

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