Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Goodbye Norman

I just heard the sad news that a childhood hero of mine Norman Wisdom died today. I have fond memories of growing up with Norman's films. I remember when  ever I fell sick and missed school, my mother would make a bed for me on the sofa in the sitting room and turn on the TV.  Propped up on feather pillows and tucked in tight to wool blankets I would lie down and watch the 'Monday Matinee' (if I was lucky enough to be off on a Monday) on ITV. Sometimes the matinee would be John Mills fighting Germans or Stanley Holloway in an Ealing comedy and sometimes it was little Norman sticking it to the man and getting the girl as Pitkin.

I still take the same childhood comfort when I stumble across one of his films on telly now. I am filled with an innocent warmth and am transported back to that sofa, tucked in by my mum with the smell of buttered toast filling my senses and Norman clowning around on the telly.

Thank you Norman for making me smile and don't forget the 'comedy trip' as you pass through the Pearly Gates.

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