Monday, 11 October 2010

The Sum and the Difference

A quick look at the latest release that I have completed for Manchester label Front & Follow. It is described by F&F as a home spun collection of hazy acoustic tunes and electronic interventions from Sone Institute and Dollboy.

The title of the album is "The Sum and the Difference" which refers to a circuit that has two inputs and one output (I have really over simplified that so please forgive me all you circuitry buffs out there!) The cover was a sketch supplied by the artist and from that the idea of using circuit diagrams arose. 
An old sheet of components and their symbols used in a valve radio

I carried out quite a bit of visual research on circuit diagrams, components and the symbols that are used to represent them. This lead me to looking for a way of incorporating some of these elements in to the design. It was then that I thought about LED displays and how they work.  I created a circut based on one used in LED display boards and then created a typeface based on circles to emulate the LED's. Then used this to spell out the two main words in the albums title. I really enjoyed creating the letters for this and if time permits I may develop this into a whole character set.
An early draft for the insert with a 100% magenta text.

If you want to give it a listen it's here on sound cloud and it will be full released as a 3" CD and digital download on the 25 October. If your interested and you pop over to the F&F shop where it is available to buy.

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