Thursday, 17 February 2011

And the winner is…

Ahhh!! only 10 days to go to the most glitzy night in the movie calendar and this year it seems like a bumper crop of contenders vying for the top prize. I know this isn't a movie blog but I thought I'd take a look at the identity end of the market and see which of the contenders for 'Best Picture' has put forward the 'Best Poster'.

If your like me, a visit to your local cinema means perusing the posters for coming attractions while your waiting for the previous sitting to leave and these are usually pretty underwhelming. The tried and tested formula goes like this: a big picture of the star (preferably with a gun or weapon of some sort), their name at the top of the poster, a review quote as near the center of the poster as possible, the name of the film and a footer of credits, logos and other extraneous information taking up the lower part of the poster, just google 'film poster' and anything that has been release since 1980 fits pretty much to this template. So who are this years contenders and how do they measure up?

The nominees for the Oscar for Best Picture 2011 (in no particular order) are;
Black Swan
The Fighter 
The Kids Are All Right 
The King's Speech
127 Hours 
The Social Network 
Toy Story 3 
True Grit 
Winter's Bone

So 10 films in 10 days,  I might even run a little poll on the side, feel free to vote (in fact I implore you too!!) so we can see if the results on the night match up with the the result here! Stay tuned part one coming up soon.

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