Monday, 14 February 2011

St. Valentine's Day

Ah, the red roses, the Belgian chocolates, a card larger than the front door of your house, you wake up to breakfast in bed and your other half have you made hot heart shaped toast covered in strawberry jam to show just how much they love you! Sound familiar? Ah St. Valentines Day, a commercial creation made to make those not in a relationship inadequate and those who are even more so. I remember when I was living in London and was walking home after working late one St Valentine's Day. I passed by restaurant after restaurant filled with tables for two and as many red things as the eye could possibly take in, teddy bears, roses, banners all shouting "LOVE!!"

It was then that it struck me, there were all these ways of saying I love you but very few commercial aids that help you when you have lost that loving feeling and need to sit down and say "I think we need to talk…" It was this in mind that along with Pika Pika we created the "Break-up Card". A little card to help you say I don't love you. We sat down and talked about all the ways we broke the news or had the news broken to us and there were a few that just kept popping up again and again and it was these that we felt would be great for our cards.

We got a beautiful red velvety paper and de-bossed these cliches in silver foil then to finish it all off we placed them in an ominous black envelope.

If you find yourself in need of a little help breaking the news then pop on over to the Pika Pika shop and choose your line.

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